September 15, 2019 join with us & snap a photo or video to celebrate.


Idea of the event came year and a half ago in a windy March day while a shooting NYC with Danny Draper Tirmizi. My dress was getting just blown up and I was laughing and twirling instead of pushing it down. So we googled out that it happened right here in NYC and the closest rounder date will be 15. Sept 2019, therefore we had to wait not to miss an opportunity.  Main team of the event contains a small group of very committed individuals. 

Scene of the tribute will be redirected by Ted Erne, director of NYFW.

Cinematographer is Alessandro Rafanelli, operating in NYFW.

Model and a producer is Mia Helena, one woman with thousand faces. Known in her country Estonia for Expressions jewelry campaign.

Designer of the dress is Kirill Safonov, one of the best and well-known artists in Baltic Countries.

Hair and Make-up will be Elvina Djimal, talented artist also working currently in NYFW.

Our Lady

 Once upon a time, there lived a humble juggler, Barnaby by name, who was skillful but suffered every winter from poverty. A devotee of the Virgin, he had few failings apart from enjoying drink a little too much. One day he met a monk, who persuaded him to enter a monastery. All the brethren had exceptional skills to exercise on behalf of Mary, but the juggler felt he had nothing worthy to offer. Finally, he had the notion to juggle copper balls and knives before the altar of the Virgin in the chapel. The others caught him in the act and deemed his behavior madness, but after seeing the Mother of God descend to soothe him, they realized that he was blessed. 

Horse On The Move

 The bronze Statue of Rearing Horse, a Dumbarton Oaks icon and longtime fixture of the Courtyard, is on the move. After an extensive conservation examination to determine its stability and the careful construction of a custom-designed crate to ship it, the sculpture traveled to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where it is featuring in the Met’s major spring exhibition, The World Between Empires: Art and Identity in the Ancient Middle East, beginning March 18.